SCOLAR Moscow Hub

We aim to develop cross-cultural cooperation and tolerance among the SCO youth through educational, cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives.


Hub introduction

Moscow hub is supported by the Institute of Asian and African Studies, which is one of the MSU departments and one of the most important and widely appreciated oriental studies institutions in Russia.

Upcoming Events

8:00 am - 11:55 pm
новостной дайджест

Грант SCOLAR представляет собой потрясающую возможность, позволяющую получить грант ...

Событие не найдено!

Past Events

Август 2024
Событие не найдено!

SCOLAR Moscow teams

Marina Solntseva
Founding Curator
Moscow_Hub_Vice_Curator_Aleksandra_Krivushkova (1)
Aleksandra Krivushkova
Founding Vice-Curator
Daria Amerkhanova
Culture Project Lead
Maria Yakovleva
Entrepreneur Project Lead

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