CGTN Think Tank | SCO Youth Talk: Growing Together

On September 13, SCOLAR Network members and other youth representatives participated in the SCO Youth Talk: Growing Together, organized by the CGTN Think Tank on the eve of this year’s SCO summit in Uzbekistan.


Young leaders presented proposals on how to catalyze the advancement of the key areas such as entrepreneurship and technological exchange, green transportation, female empowerment, AI and innovations, and so on. Participants called the youth of SCO to proactively start grassroots and community initiatives and drive the region’s further development.

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SCOLAR Network, established in 2017, is a youth initiative platform headquartered in Beijing, bringing together young leaders from the SCO region through joint projects in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, culture and sports. SCOLAR’s mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion youth by 2050.