SCOLAR Academy offers short-term educational programs to cultivate essential skills through project-based learning.

About SCOLAR Academy

We aim to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and cross-cultural intelligence through short-term workshops and longer project-based programs, co-designed with partner institutions and experts. We do this by offering our students exclusive company cases and thematic challenges as part of their learning curricula.

SCOLAR Academy Impact

Our pilot program “Starting up in the SCO region” was hosted in November-December 2020. It included 5 weeks of lectures and workshops on cultural aspects of doing business in some SCO countries. The topics were covered through unique case studies led by industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Each week student teams designed strategic responses to 5 bespoke business challenges, including brainstorming marketing strategies for an Islamic P2P fintech platform, representing parties in a PPP negotiation, and conducting feasibility studies for a Chinese EdTech foreign expansion strategy. 25 individuals from 9 countries successfully finished the course.

Our second program was desgined for Russian-speaking students and professionals, and focused on core aspects of doing business and e-commerce in China. Like in our pilot course, we brought on board expereinced businessmen and company CEOs, who shared insights about logistical, legal & marketing challenge of doing business in China through their company cases and thematic challenges. 18 participants from 6 countries completed the course.

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Insight: a company case

Check out our Lecture on Islamic financing principles, led by Mr. Zuhursho Rahmatulloev, Co-founder of Alif Bank OJSC in Tajikistan and CEO at Alif Moliya in Uzbekistan.

Mr. Rahmatulloyev introduces Alif, a fintech & e-commerce platform currently operating in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which is built on the noble principles of Islamic financing.

Our lecturer expands on the difference between religious and business practitioner’s interpretation of islamic financing and explains why understanding your market’s value systems is crucial for your product or service.

Mr. Rahmatulloyev explains three core “NO’s” of Sharia-compliant businesses: uncertainty, fixed interest, and risk-shifting.

Mr. Rahmatulloyev talks about the main caveats for non-Muslim entrepreneurs to consider before entering Muslim markets.

Upcoming programs

We are excited to design programs which cultivate our region’s future leaders and leave a positive impact on communities. Get in touch for more information or collaboration.

What They Had To Say


SCOLAR Academy course is the best online activity I've done in 2020!! At the very beginning I didn't realize how much knowledge in the start up world it will give to me, but at the first 15 minutes of our first lecture I was drowned in the familiar environment and started to receive so much solutions for my business!

Tim Akchurin

Course participant from Russia

SCOLAR Academy helped me find new acquaintances and enrich my knowledge in startups in SCO region.

Oydin Karimova

Course participant from Uzbekistan

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow. The experience of this course has being nothing but positive.

Tooba Khurshid

Course participant from Pakistan

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