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Our vision is to work for an even more Cosmopolitan Lahore – where not just Chinese but also Russian, Uzbek, Azeri and Tajik tourists, traders and students are a common sight! To work for a Lahore that is not just a cultural, political and trading hub for the country but for our entire Eurasian Region. And for a time when Lahoris have friends, family and business partners in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey like they have today in the West and the Middle East. Join us on this journey!


Hub introduction

One of the most historically rich and culturally important cities in the subcontinent, Lahore is an exceptionally vibrant destination. A progressive modern city built on the historic Old Walled City with a blend of influences from the West, Middle East, South and Central Asia, Lahore, however, was disconnected from the wider SCO region over the past 150 years. Our team believes in reestablishing people-to-people economic, academic and cultural ties between our city and other SCO Countries. We strive to be an inclusive community and a haven for innovative ideas where our members support, learn and grow together, guided by the values of Excellence, Community, and Innovation. Our events and projects fall into 3 key thematic areas: 1) Trade and Entrepreneurship, 2) Culture and Society, and 3) Policy and Advocacy. Come join us!

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