SCOLAR Podcast

A flagship podcast of SCOLAR Network starring stories of successful individuals and initiatives from the SCO and Eurasian region.


SCOLAR Podcast introduction

SCOLAR Podcast is a flagship show brought to you by SCOLAR Network. It was launched in January 2019, when we set ourselves a goal of shedding light on innovation from all the corners of the region. We do this by speaking to entrepreneurs, experts and cross-cultural leaders, engaged in creative activities and projects. The podcast is hosted in English, Russian and Chinese.

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In March 2020, we introduced SCOLAR Talk – a video version of SCOLAR Podcast which shares its mission and focus. Interviews we have done so far include sectoral insights from practitioners and businesses since the start of COVID-19. Areas we covered include education & edtech, Russian real estate sector, Pakistan’s investment ecosystem, and FoReCa players in China, among others.