SCOLAR Tashkent hub

Tashkent SCOLAR Network hub is the first such association in Uzbekistan, which will attract students and active young people of the capital to the SCO community. The very concept of the vision is to promote and strengthen the ideas of the “Shanghai spirit” over the next 2 years of its future activities. The projects of the Tashkent hub can be popularized throughout the republic and attract students from all over Uzbekistan interested in the SCO’s activities in Central Asia. By opening a hub at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with the assistance of the SCO Center for Public Diplomacy in Uzbekistan, there will be an opportunity for the development of multilateral cooperation between universities, organizations, as well as NGOs. Despite this, the main idea will be to unite young people to carry the values and ideas laid down in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


Hub introduction

SCOLAR Tashkent hub is the first hub in Uzbekistan, which brings together talented youth from Uzbekistan’s universities, prominent personalities, and representatives of government agencies. The total number of members is 36.

Upcoming Events

Past Events


Curator - Хусенов Мухаммадшох-min
Хусенов Мухаммадшох
Vice Curator - Meyerbek Ergashbayev
Meyerbek Ergashbayev
Vice Curator
Asror Parpiyev
Asrorbek Parpiyev
Director of function departments
Director of Project Department - Askar Komilov
Askar Komilov.
Director of Project departments
Head of HR - Солиев Самандар
Солиев Самандар
Head of HR and internal communication department
Head of Media Department - Эъзоза Мухаммедова
Эъзоза Мухаммедова
Head of Media Department
Dastan Makhsetov
Dastan Maxsetov
Head of Cultural department
Shakhina Adilkhanova
Shakhina Adilkhanova
Head of Education Department
Head of Enterpreneurship Department - Ибрагимов Джалолиддин
Ибрагимов Джалолиддин
Head of Entrepreneurship department
Head of Outreach Department - Рахимов Акмалшер-min
Рахимов Акмалшер
Head of Outreach department

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