Deep Dive to Lianyungang 2022

From August 11 to August 14, 2022, the development and Reform Commission of Lianyungang City organized and invited 31 youth representatives from the Belt and Road Strategic Research Institute of Tsinghua University, the Belt and Road Association of Tsinghua University Students (SABRIA), SCOLAR Network and the China Russia Digital Economy Research Center (SRRCDE) to participate in the research activities of Lianyungang City.

SCOLAR Network and SABARI Team at Lianyungang port, China Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) logistics cooperation base.

Lianyungang was called “Haizhou” in ancient times. It is named Lianyungang because it faces Liandao and has Yuntai Mountain on the back. It is also a port. It is located in the middle of China’s Wanli coastal areas and the northeast of Jiangsu Province, connected to the Yangtze River Delta economic circle in the south, Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration in the north, Japan and South Korea across the sea in the East, and the Continental Bridge Economic Belt in the West. It is the eastern starting point of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. It is located at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road and the junction of the coastal economic belt and the Longhai Lanzhou new economic belt.

On the afternoon of August 12, the first international youth talent exchange meeting of the New Asia Europe continental bridge was held in Jinling Yuntai Hotel, Lianyungang City. The meeting was presided over by Lu Ye, Deputy Secretary of the Lianyungang Youth League Committee. Wang Long, Deputy Director of Lianyungang Development and Reform Commission, delivered a speech and introduced the relevant situation in Lianyungang City. Professor Shi Zhiqin, President of the Belt and Road Strategic Research Institute of Tsinghua University, shared and analyzed the challenges and opportunities brought by international and domestic environmental changes to the “Belt and Road” construction. Victoria Khu, chairman of SCOLAR network, and Dr. Yu Xiao, executive deputy director of China Russia Digital Economy Research Center, introduced the development history and cooperation vision of SCOLAR and SRRCDE.

Lianyungang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Youth League Committee, organization department, science, and Technology Bureau, human resources and Social Security Bureau, commerce bureau, and Municipal Foreign Affairs Office attended the meeting. They introduced Lianyungang’s youth talent policy and relevant work experience. The youth representatives expressed sincere thanks to the organizer and shared their feelings on the construction of the Belt and Road and their own experiences and development suggestions. After the meeting, Yang Xinzhong, executive vice mayor of Lianyungang City, received and hosted the youth representatives for dinner. The Lianyungang side and the youth representatives from different countries displayed their unique dances and songs to enhance their feelings and experience the cultures of other countries.

Young delegates visited Lianyungang port, China Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) logistics cooperation base, Tianwan nuclear power station, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Lianyungang) International Logistics Park, and other benchmark demonstration projects to understand the vital role played by Lianyungang City in the construction of the Belt and Road.

The representatives visited local high-quality enterprises such as Hengrui pharmaceutical, Kangyuan pharmaceutical, National East-West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone (national petrochemical industry base), and visited Huaguo Mountain, which is known as “Sun Dasheng’s hometown” and integrates mountains and rocks, seascape, historical sites, and myths. They felt the first scenic spot in the East China Sea. Visit the Crystal City in the East China Sea, experience the beauty of crystal, and then go to the seaside scenic spot Liandao, where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze, walk on the waves and play in the sea, and feel the charm of Lianyungang.

This activity enables the youth of SCO countries to have a deeper understanding of the “Belt and Road” and China’s role in it, as well as the local customs of the beautiful port city of Lianyungang, to strengthen exchanges between youth.


I am Ye Shengli from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. My Kazakh name is Botakoz. I am a fresh graduate of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, studying international economics and trade. This was my first time in Lianyungang. As a Kazakh, I am very happy to visit the development of Sino-Kazakhstan logistics and get to know Kazakh accountants with people from Xinjiang of Kazakh nationality, the Sino-Kazakhstan logistics cooperation base, and SCO International Logistics Park. I am very proud of my country and hope that I can contribute to trade between China and Kazakhstan in the future.

This was the first time I came to Lianyungang. Although it was the same coastal city as my hometown Dalian, it had a different mythological style; It was the first time to witness the logistics construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Compared with the shouting slogans in the news reports, every container and every shipping ship are so accessible and accurate; I like to exchange ideas with friends from SCOLAR, SABRIA, and a group of young people from 14 countries.

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Saudi Aramco Admin Chie f沙特阿美行政主管

It’s a privilege to visit spots along a channel for economic cooperation. Here’s Lianyungang Habor, the first station from the east of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge economic belt. Also, it’s one of the China Europe Railway Express stations. I am incredibly excited to learn loads of brilliant thoughts from our young friends, feeling the energy between us all. Very grateful to be a part of the journey.

It was my first time visiting Lianyungang, a quiet and peaceful coastal city. Firstly, thanks to the organizers and SCOLAR for providing such a valuable opportunity. Before taking part in this trip, I also tried to understand more information about the “Belt and Road” Initiative by watching some documentaries. However, I listened to the guide’s introduction when I participated in this field research and went to the Port of LIANYUNGANG, China-Kazakhstan Logistics Base, SCO International Logistics Park, and other places. I felt its massive potential in entirely using essential resources and promoting sustainable development. I deeply understood the “Belt and Road” Initiative and Lianyungang. I also made new friends from different countries. During our Free Time, we visited WenHua street and MingZhu Road, YanHe Alley. We tasted delicious food and took pictures together while listening to beautiful songs. Finally, I wish Lianyungang a prosperous development and looking forward to our next event!