SCOLAR Moscow Hub officially opened in Moscow State University!

On the 8th of September opening ceremony of SCOLAR Network Moscow hub was held in the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Lomonosov Moscow State University (IAAS MSU).

Aleksey Maslov, professor, Head of the IAAS MSU, made a welcome speech. Mr. Maslov paid attention to the importance of youth communities, such as SCOLAR Network.

Sergey Kanavskiy, the Executive Secretary of SCO Business Council, congratulated Moscow team and expressed the hope that the cooperation between Moscow hub and SCO Business Council will deepen more and more.

Moscow hub’s curator Marina Solntseva and vice-curator Aleksandra Krivushkova told the guests about the past events and the hub’s plans for the next 6 months.

The IAAS students delivered creative performances. Pavel Parkhomenko (IAAS MSU Chinese Club) and Sergey Mazhalis (IAAS South-Asian Club) read poems in national languages. Egor Davydov (IAAS MSU Turkic Club) sang a lyrical song.