II Tsinghua University Model SCO: “Youth initiated cross-cultural exchange among SCO countries

Date: 12 December, 2020
Time: 13:00-16:00
Location: Online Platform

The Second Tsinghua University Model SCO intellectual game was organized on 12 December 2020 by the Tsinghua University Center for the Global Competence Development and SCOLAR Network. The Model SCO was held in the form of a simulation of a meeting of the Council of Heads of SCO Member States. The main theme of the event was “Youth initiated cross-cultural exchange among SCO countries”.

The event was attended by 20 students from Tsinghua University, including students from China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and participants from non-SCO countries such as Norway, Bangladesh, Lithuania, and Malaysia, who represented 8 member states and the SCO Secretary General.

The delegates exchanged views on the role of youth in the development of intercultural exchange in the region, the search for new opportunities, as well as the problems and challenges that young people face in this unstable time.

After the discussion of the Declaration, the Delegates reached a consensus on three initiatives.
The Winners of the Model SCO were awarded the certificates signed personally by SCO Secretary General V. Norov during the excursion at the Secretariat on 18 December.

A series of workshops were organized by SCOLAR Network for Tsinghua students before the Model SCO. The workshops included topics on the SCO countries, leadership and negotiation skills development, and excursion at the SCO Secretariat. Special training was arranged for the delegates of the Model SCO.

Feedback from the Delegates

Ruoshui Sun 孙若水
China (Delegate – India)

MSCO is a very impressive experience for me. Contrary to the previous experience in UN and WTO negotiation, this experience let me know there are different kinds of global governance and public diplomacy. It took me a lot to re-adjust my thinking pattern and delivery style, and finally I got to know more about SCO. Also, it’s such an honor to cooperate with so many friends from around the globe. Hope this is not the end of our journey.

Tianyue Hu 胡天悦
China (Delegate – Kyrgyzstan)

It is the first time that I have participated in such an activity. From this meaningful experience, I learned how to write position papers and the basic rules of Model SCO. Cooperating with my teammates and discussing paragraphs of the declaration help us develop strong friendship, as well as curiosity and affection for SCO countries. I’m very honored to have this precious opportunity, and I hope I can really contribute to mutual trust and common development in the SCO region.

Charlotte Sun 孙晓婷
China (Delegate – Tajikistan)

I would like to give a little feedback on my feelings and what I learned during this MSCO: I loved how many students came forward to participate, and this has given me a rare opportunity to practice my soft skills, such as public speaking, communication and critical thinking skills, which are all important life skills to have. These were put into practice when I was interacting with the other delegates during MSCO.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to foster my skills to think and speak on the spot, which was especially important as the pace of the MSCO is very fast. Lastly and most importantly, through this immersive experience, I came to understand that it is very important to have self control and essential to stay focused throughout the entire event.

Mst Zakia Sultana
Bangladesh (Delegate – Uzbekistan)

It was a wonderful event although this is the very first time I joined this event. I have learned a lot from this event, writing a position paper and modifying it, how to talk to people with various topics on the same platform, and how to make declarations based on max people agree and disagree statements. Finally, public speaking ability which motivates others to join events or conferences and is happy to join this event. Thanks

Iingin Fan 樊怡宁
Kyrgyzstan (Delegate – Russia)

It is the greatest experience I had in 2020. As a person who has never participated in this kind of conferences, I learned so much about the discussion structure, conference rules, writing strategies for position papers and overall insight about SCO in general. However, it was even more exciting to see how students from other countries were representing my country, doing so much in-depth research and defending the projects on behalf of a foreign side. Even though each of the delegates had their own questions and differing opinions on the same issue, we were able to conduct discussions by maintaining respect and gaining knowledge. Again, it was an amazing experience!

Silei Zhu 朱思垒
China – (Delegate – Tajikistan)

Learning to host a formal conference is the most rewarding thing for me. And it’s good for me to expand my knowledge about other countries, to know the basic information and the challenges they are facing. As a moderator this time, my suggestion is that a file of elaboration about the process step by step and wording of the conference can be provided. Also, a pre-discussion of the declaration can be held before the formal meeting so that everyone can prepare materials and data in advance.

Shafqat Ullah
Pakistan (Delegate – Kyrgyzstan)

What a privilege it is to be a part of such an amazing foundation, filled with such amazing people. SCOLAR Network is doing an amazing job. I know how challenging it is to conduct such conferences and connect people around the globe. It takes a huge effort to organize a series of such programs to connect youth on a single platform. There is a need to continue to develop, but how wonderful it is that you have a team of the caliber and talented people.
I really enjoyed this conference. It encouraged me to apply for future programs to learn, lead and contribute to the betterment of society. I am looking forward to being a part of your coming events.