Cross-Culture Event “History of Pakistan”


On 4 December, SCOLAR Network and the SCOLAR Lahore hub co-organized the SCOLAR cross-culture event, “History of Pakistan.” Dr. Rasul Bakhsh Rais, Professor of Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences, LUMS University, was the honorable speaker of the event. Emmad Raza, Assistant Director of the Culture & Society department, Bachelor in Dentistry, SCOLAR Lahore Hub, moderated the event. The event focused on the correlation of climate change with the long-lasting culture & tradition of Pakistan.


Pakistan faced dire consequences due to climate change with the catastrophic flooding that has damaged essential parts of the country and put millions of lives at risk. Therefore, this SCOLAR cross-culture event was entirely dedicated to the “United with Pakistan” campaign to raise greater awareness of the socioeconomic effect of climate change.


Emmad Raza interviewed Dr. Rasul Bakhsh Rais on:

The cultural impact of climate change

Shaping today’s Pakistan from its rich and eventful history of Pakistan

Diverse cultural geography in the development of the nation

The uniqueness of Pakistan’s culture in the world

Pathways to help flood victims of Pakistan to rehabilitate and rebuild

Dr. Rasul Bakhsh Rais shared his knowledge with all participants. He mentioned culture is how people live, eat and celebrate. The recent floods have destroyed the agricultural area of Pakistan and swept away the livelihood of many Pakistanis, which has directly impacted the culture of both villages and cities due to subsequent rural-urban migration. He further added the need for action from a person to be more sustainable and plant trees ourselves rather than waiting for more extensive coordinated programs. He urged the lack of other nations’ help to rehabilitate displaced people, build small homes where they’re safe from the weather, and help them restart their lives by teaching them new skills. 


Also, participants discussed that youth actions on climate change are vital and need communities like SCOLAR Network to spread awareness and knowledge. The event emphasized the importance of history, culture, and long-lasting traditions that these communities have used to form firm communal ties, and the importance of restoring these solid cultural values concerning the ongoing rehabilitation of flood victims.

Writer: Emmad Raza (Pakistan), Shikha Thapa Magar (Nepal)

Moderator: Istafa Khan (Pakistan)

Translator: Leshi Zhang (China), Lynn Ruyin (China)

Layout: Olesia Ermakova (Russia)