“Ten Years in Hefei” by SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub

On November 17, 2022, SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub held the first “Hefei Ten Years” online event with the theme of “Meet Hefei, Meet Ten Years, Meet Youth.” The event was supported and guided by SCOLAR HQ and the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Anhui University. The keynote speakers were Saijid ur Rehman and his wife, Pakistani postdoctoral researchers of Hefei Academy of Physical Sciences, and Anhui University alumni. It was co-hosted by Yu Yachen, a member of SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub and a graduate student of Innovation and Development Strategy academe of Anhui University, and Zhang Zhongliang, a research assistant of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office. More than 20 young people and alums from Anhui University, SCOLAR HQ, and SCOLAR Beijing hub participated in the activity online.


At the event, the host introduced the SCO, SCOLAR Network, and the plan for SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub. Adhering to the Shanghai Spirit of “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations and seeking common development,” the SCOLAR Network is committed to gathering young leaders in the SCO region through education, entrepreneurship, culture and promoting the cultural integration and economic development of the SCO countries. SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub is led by the students of Anhui University, aiming to promote friendly exchanges between young Chinese and foreign friends in Hefei and Anhui and to undertake the mission of carrying forward the “Shanghai Spirit” among the Anhui youth.


The keynote speaker of this event, Saijid ur Rehman, shared his presentation entitled “Life and Research Journey from Lahore to Hefei,” where he talked about the couple’s experience in Hefei, beautiful moments which happened to them there and introduced the scientific research content and achievements. Sajid ur Rehman said he loves Hefei and has the idea of settling down in Hefei, sending his best wishes to his Alma mater for the 95th anniversary of Anhui University next year.


The students of Anhui university Zhao Man, and Ding Ruiqi, respectively, with “I am in Hefei” as the theme of the speech, detailedly introduce what they saw, heard, and learned in Hefei. In the question part, they shared their favorite Hefei local food and books and expressed their wishes for the successful future development of the SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub.


In an interactive session, SCOLAR Network Headquarters and SCOLAR Beijing hub youth representatives Shikha, Olesia, and Lynn shared their impressions about the activity – they believe that it helped them to get a deeper understanding of Hefei. They also expressed their wishes for the SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub and its prospects, saying they look forward to more events in Hefei. Another participant, Albert (Gu Yunfei), also expressed his excitement and said that this activity brought him a great experience, and he hoped to participate in the building of the SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub in the future.


Before the end of the event, the participating youth took a group photo. SCOLAR Hefei candidate hub hopes that through this event, we can promote friendship among the youth of the SCO countries, encourage the spirit of the youth, learn from each other, starting from Hefei, and carry forward the “Shanghai Spirit”!

Writer: Wentian Wang (China), Ding Ruiqi (China)

English translator: Zack Zhang (China), Ruiling (China)

Russian translator: Leshi Zhang(China)

Editor: Olesia Ermakova (Russia), Olia Liu (China)

Layout: Olesia Ermakova (Russia), Olia Liu (China)