MBTI Personality Type Training with Petros Djakouris

On April 27, 2024, the second part of the training course with the topic of “MBTI Personality Type & Self-Awareness” was jointly held by Anhui University and SCOLAR Network. The training was led by Petros Djakouris, co-founder of BeHive. 

Petros explained in detail the meaning of each component in the MBTI personality test, characteristics of different personality types and points to pay attention to when communicating with them. He stressed the importance of having a deep understanding of different personality types to facilitate effective collaboration in the workplace and team environment.

In the interactive session, Petros offered specific situations and asked participants with two different personality types to come up with strategies for selling cars. The responses of these different personality types gave participants a clear sense of the differences in personality types reflected in practical questions, and further deepened their understanding of the MBTI personality types in real life.

In addition, Petros emphasized that the MBTI personality type is only a tool to understand ourselves, and what is really important is the process of understanding ourselves  and developing self-awareness. Only through continuous self-improvement and learning can individuals achieve the best results.