Persuasive Public Speaking Training with Costas Georgiou

On April 20, 2024, Anhui University and SCOLAR Network jointly organized the first training course in the series of public speaking trainings, designed to help the delegates of the Model SCO 2024 Anhui University better prepare for the day of the conference. This course specially invited Costas Georgiou, who graduated from UCL and Peking University MBA.

At the beginning of the training, Costas laid bare a common truth: fear of public speaking is a common problem for most people. Participants not only analyzed the reason, but also provided the solution on how to solve this issue.

In the training, Costas explained in detail the three modes of persuasion proposed by Aristotle from a theoretical perspective: Ethos (credibility), Logos (logic) and Pathos (emotion). In addition to theoretical explanations, each module also had corresponding exercises. Facilitator actively interacted with the participants during the exercises to help them get a deeper understanding and grasp of the practical application of these three modes.

Finally, Costas emphasized the critical role of a body language in public speaking and gave a series of valuable tips to help navigate the speaking stage.

Through this training, participants not only learned public speaking skills, but also gained the confidence and ability to perform well at the upcoming Model SCO 2024 Anhui University.