Vote for the best “Unity” T-shirt designs

Youth are the world’s future, and with over one billion youth living in 18 countries in the SCO region, SCOLAR Network unites youth leaders and scholars from across the SCO region to provide a broader platform for developing the youth community through culture, education, and entrepreneurship. Our vision is to positively impact the lives of one billion young people by 2050!

On September 15 this year, the SCO Summit was held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, where new countries (Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) were officially welcomed into the SCO family. The “Shanghai Spirit” – “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity and pursuit of common development” – is the soul of the SCO and the SCO region, embodying the spirit of tolerance and unity.

Unity is essential when our region is facing challenges. Currently, Pakistan is undergoing an unprecedented calamity: one-third of the country is affected by the flood, which has taken more than 1000 lives, with 400 children, while displacing 30 million population. It has triggered a short food supply after water covered millions of acres of crops and wiped-out hundreds of thousands of livestock.

To spread the concept of Unity, SCOLAR launched the first “Unity” T-shirt design competition to provide a platform for the youth to express their ideas.

SCOLAR NETWORK welcomes you all to vote for the best “UNITY” T-shirt design from seven finalists. We have seven finalists with 12 designs that have reached the final round.

Please go through the designs below with descriptions and vote at the end with a single click on the image you like the most.

Public voting: 23-30 November 2022 (by 23:59 Beijing time)

Winners announcement: 3 December 2022

Designs with description

Emilia Bekshentayeva, 5 Kazakhstan (1,2)

The picture depicts a small community where residents enjoy their “tea” time together. Amongst the tea choices are creativitea, unitea, communitea. Despite their differences, they unite, delightfully share their experiences, and practice empathy and understanding.

The acrylic painting description shows the school of fish (illustrated using golden leaves/gilt). They symbolize unity and community. While lone fish won’t be able to survive the world’s challenges, they overcome various obstacles and solve everyday tasks.
Emelie drew with the help of my Mom, Kamila.

Angirash Karki, 26 Nepal (3,4)
The line and the faded gradients in the middle represent the connection between communities despite the distance. The puzzle in the middle represents connection despite differences. And the color of the neck and hand rib in sky blue represents a close SCOLAR Family.

Front: The line represents connection, freedom, and the free flow of ideas.
The letter in the font says Together twice, where T is single, and O is the logo of SCOLAR.
The “T” and “O” represent SCOLAR Network, and “gether” is written twice because it means all the people it will connect with.
So it’s like saying Scolar Network “TO”the communities.
Back: There is a city skyline, which can be changed according to the different hubs in different countries.
Thus it will be easier to recognize the hub member in future conventions.

Franklin Zhu, 40, China (5)

我用大海里的海浪来表现SCOLAR Network 里各国优秀人才和优秀创业家的多样性。每个人都像一朵浪花,有大有小,但是都互相滋养着彼此,来表现SCOLAR Network 这个组织的包容力很强
I use the ocean waves to express the diversity of talented people and entrepreneurs in the SCOLAR Network. Everyone is like a wave, big and small, but they all nourish each other, showing the SCOLAR Network’s strong tolerance.

Soomal Qureshi, Pakistan (6,7)
The designed shirt logo depicts the unity of scolar with its hubs to strengthen connectivity and promote empathy and creativity.

Muhammad Zubair, Pakistan (8)

My design hides many meanings in each of its segments. When you look at the outer “round black shape,” you will realize this simple but unique design caring depth of SCO itself as it seems like 8 SCO heads of state holding their “hands together,” showing unity and empathy while simultaneously they are overseeing the “Globe” which represents the “Growing Global Community” also It is an “eight petals flower” which mean “Brotherhood, Love and respect” for each other.

Fatima Muhammad Irfan, Pakistan (9)
Unity itself is power; it is to make everybody feel welcome, stand united through good and hardships, and achieve a combined goal.

The 3 different t-shirt design variations all incorporate the concept of a colorful striped bar-code that represents the UNITY of all youth of the SCO region and the world. The barcode elongates and merges the flags of current SCO member states into a single colorful symbol.

Option 10 is a bold and playful variation of the basic concept of the SCO barcode. The colorful barcode of flags is repeated on the shirts in various forms and sizes. It shows that UNITY is a dynamic concept that requires continuous movement and effort. It also shows that UNITY is not a monolith, rigid and static, but rather an ongoing puzzle of moving pieces, always exploring new expressions of balance. Funky and graphic this shirt is an artsy yet casual fashion piece.

Option 11 is the idea in its purest form. The SCO barcode presents the unity of the youth in this colorful region. The text UNITY is placed below the code as the foundation that combines and upholds the ensemble of colors. Simple and minimalist, this is a neat t-shirt for every occasion.

Option 12 merges the barcode symbol and the text UNITY into one message that says it all. Referencing the century-old tradition of putting words on clothes to express our views and beliefs, this shirt is a bold statement piece.



The competition’s scoring will adopt a combination of public voting (60%) and organizing committee judging (40%).